Ventura Potters Guild Award in Ceramics

Awarded to a first or second year student engaged in the study of ceramics in SBCC’s Art Department. Recipient must be currently enrolled in twelve (12) units, including art classes. (Please note: Lacking full-time student applicants, part-time students may be considered by the selection committee.) Applicants must show potential to excel in ceramics. The award will be presented at the annual student show to a student who shows potential in the ceramic arts. A portfolio of between three and six pieces of art should be submitted to the Art Department faculty by the third Friday in March. The Art Department faculty are free to nominate potential recipients in addition to any applications received. A thank you letter and a photograph of the student and his/her work is required. (B7094)
Minimum GPA required: None

Provided by: Ventura Potters Guild

Art Department, Transfer Students