John Romo Study Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship is established to honor President John Romo’s three decades of service to SBCC. As an undergraduate, a study abroad program through his alma mater, University of Redlands, had a dramatic affect on the course of his education and career paths. It is hoped that this scholarshship can provide life-changing experiences for SBCC students with demonstrated financial need who are interested in studying abroad. Students participating in semester length courses through SBCC’s Study Abroad Program are eligible. They must be continuing their studies at SBCC and may be either US citizens or have permanent resident status. They must be in good standing and enrolled in nine (9) or more units. Preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need (according to federal and state criteria), with secondary preference given to students exhibiting outstanding academic achievement. Recommendation of the Director of the Study Abroad Program is required. (D7426)
Minimum GPA required: 2.5

Provided by: Friends and colleagues of John Romo

High School Seniors, Study Abroad